Wednesday, July 15, 2009

did i ever show y'all my one and only paying gig as a graphic designer? no? well, it was the first cover of a small community magazine in the Mississippi Delta.

the hardest part was that i did it the old fashioned way... but one day i'll have creative suite.
one day.

until then it's just me and my little canon camera and whatever knicknacks that I can find. with or without serious equipment, i'm pretty excited because i'll be doing something similar to this for the student life office at school. we may use it, we may not. but either way it'll be fun!

got any ideas for things to use in the photo besides a Bible, a pencil, a map of ATL? i'd love your thoughts!

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brett.h.harris said...

what about a nametag, a commentary or one of the bookmarks from the library, and/or a church bulletin (or any brochure-like thing). just thoughts. love you.