Tuesday, May 12, 2009

secret adventure...

so boone comes to the 'sip ON THURSDAY!!!! i can hardly stand it... i'm not sure if he knows what he's in for because these wedding planning days are almost as long and hard as teach for america institute.

ok, not as hard as institute, but still i definitely feel like i'm living the first few scenes of steel magnolias over and over again... you know, the scene when the dad is shooting crows out of the trees?

ANYWAY, when boone gets here, my dad and i are taking him on a surprise adventure. i've been texting him clues about it to help him guess. can you figure it out?

clue 1: wiley coyote

clue 2: it's kind of redneck

clue 3: "it dates back to the civil war" -gene mulloy

clue 4: reorganize the letters to spell "in a shovel tooth"

clue 5: what is happening in this photo?

pretty lame clues, but if you can guess before he does i'll give you eternal respect.

photo from flickr and google.

1 comment:

Craig said...

oh my gosh, is it a civil war reenactment!!!???!!! he's so lucky!