Wednesday, May 20, 2009

final product: favors

instead of blogging, THIS is what i've been doing with my time:

well, this and a ZILLION other things. (public service announement: friends, don't wait until the last minute to make your programs. seriously. don't do it. even if you have as wonderful a friend i as do who designed them and lets you call her all hours of the night for several days while she formats everything to your exact specifications, things will still go awry. the copy machine will DEFINITELY break down and you won't be able to find heavy weight legal size paper anywhere in the tri-state area and you'll end up wanting to tear your hair out.) But this post isn't about programs.

it's about the favors.... teeny weeny homemade pralines.

we stamped the bags and made the itty bitty parchment paper inserts in plenty of time, but when the day we'd set aside to make the pralines was too humid, a friend and neighbor (and culinary expert) jumped in and made them for us. she is a saint and i am forever in her debt.

anyway, i'm beyond pleased with the way they came out and am amazed and touched by people's generosity and kindness this week. i am incredibly blessed with wonderful family and friends.

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