Wednesday, April 22, 2009

you can't fool me, ziplock...

so last night i saw a commercial for these guys:

sounds awesome, right? i mean, freezer bags that you can get at the store that have 25% less plastic and come in a recycled carton?!? i'm totally tempted to reduce my plastic usage this way.. until i realized that they're still totally PLASTIC. they don't biodegrade and they fill up landfills. seems like an earth day marketing ploy to me. i just wonder why they didn't just make the jump to this:

entirely bidegradable cornstarch bags for trash or cellulose bags for sandwiches.

i heard about these two years ago but couldn't find them as a real option until now. they are totally biodegradable and are made for things that come from the earth, so when they break down they won't be bad...but they only break down over a long time and under extreme heat. get trashbags at amazon and sandwich bags at green home.