Tuesday, April 7, 2009

in the end ...

ever since kathryn made a board for me, i've been obsessed with using these as boone and i make our exit. reason #1: they are so fun! #2: guests can keep them and use them for all sorts of other events: birthdays, new years eve, a football game... see? #3 our venue doesn't let us use confetti or sparklers and I don't know if we can use rice. this leaves us with... birdseed? or grits, i guess. which may be fun for a mississippi soiree...

but then we started trying to figure out how to make them without our handy dandy gocco machine... we called a prof. screen printer and was quoted a reasonable-ish price and another OUTLANDISH one... then someone suggested that we use iron-on fabric.

we may go with that, but then this idea was posted this week and i'm pretty enthused about it (also, we're giving rosemary as hostess gifts to our friends who've had parties and showers for us so it seems appropriate.)

it sure is easy to get caught up in silly details like this, that's for sure. hope we can all keep our feet on the ground over these next 6 weeks. (and by "we all" i definitely mean me) i mean, whether we use 'yay' flags or rosemary or grits or nothing, in the end, we'll be JUST as married!

flags via weddingbee rosemary via {withthepixiegrin}

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Jen said...

What about bubbles?
The flags are WAY cooler, but bubbles would definitely beat rice.