Monday, April 13, 2009

i don't really like roses...

i know. this is strange... and by "i don't like them" what i mean is that i have a strong preference for other kinds of flowers, but will GLADLY take any flowers that are given to me and will love and cherish them as a gift. but, given the choice, i'll pretty much always pick something else.
which is why i was pretty thrilled when my mom and i met with the really great small town local florist, randy, and he noticed that not once did i mention roses when we talked about anything. i was more than thrilled.. i was impressed.

anyway, we're going with something really loose and organic and classic looking. and we're sticking with things in season (and that hopefully we can get most of it locally) all white hydrangeas, large and small gardenias, baby's breath, sweet pea, and maybe white peonies.
something like this, maybe?

or this?

and the boutonnieres will be just one single gardenia. they just smell like magic to me and will be blooming all over my hometown in may...mmmmm.

ps-- i have no idea where i found these photos. eek! sorry.. i saved them ages ago. let me know if these are yours.

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