Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does your honey need stationary?

problem: your honey hates the idea of personalized stationary and would be happy using plain old notebook paper but has offered to write half of the thank you notes. you're pretty sure that all of your family's friends might get their panties in a bunch about it if he/she did.

solution: buy him/her an embosser with a plate that has his/her name or initials on it. this way, he/she gets a cool machine/toy, you save BUNCHES of money because the embosser can personalize an unlimited amount of blank notecards, you can change the paper color anytime, AND you can get your own plate with your initials and use it too! it's a win/win/win situation.

the good news is that paper source has just what you need for $70 plus whatever the cost of cards are.

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Carissa said...

hey thanks for your sweet comment!! I didn't even think about getting an embosser and it makes a lot of sense. I actually talked to him about it and I was way more excited/making a bigger deal out of it than he was wanting. He was trying to be so sweet and not hurt my feelings but he was like, can I please just go buy my own stationary? haha, poor guy. So, to fix this urge I have now to create stationary I went and bought some things to make my OWN stationary! We'll see how it goes. I will mention to him the embosser just in case though ; ) thank you!!! and I'm loving your blog!!