Monday, April 27, 2009

do me a favor?

when i get home to the 'sip (in one week!!!!) my mom and i going to make a whole ton of teeny weeny pecan pralines (sweeeeet southern candy/cookies) and put them in little stamped brown paper sacks for our favors.

let me say as a caveat that i really don't think that people actually ever want a favor at a wedding. i know that I usually leave my box of mints or whatever in the hotel room or in the car by accident. but, if you're going to have one, i'm of the school that you should probably try to make it yourself to save some money and make it personal. I mean, what's the point of a favor except to say a thank you to your guests?

here are some other ideas for homemade favors that i've come across (most of which are edible):

#1 make matchbooks that say "a pefect match" (i know it's cheezy but i LOVE a pun). Here's a kind of simple example, but it could be jazzed up. also, here's a template so you can diy!

#2 here's another pun for you healthy people out there: "a perfect pair." it's apparently a trend to use fruit as placecards, but i say buy whole bunch of pairs and wrap them with a pretty label or tie one around the stem using this slogan.

#3 my favorite favor that's not very hard to make AND is the most delicious of all the favors: chocolate covered oreos with sprinkles. mmmm. i WOULD NOT leave this in the hotel. slogan "we go together like chocolate and white stuff" or something equally *ahem* as clever.

#4 and martha suggests all kinds of fun things to buy or make. my favorite is the thought of giving away homemade preserves or bags of grits for your guests to take home. this is fun, but again, who wants to leave a wedding after a few cocktails with groceries? not i.

photos from the foodnetwork, etsy, flickr, and martha.

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