Monday, April 6, 2009

did i mention i'm moving...

help! i've got three papers to write and an ENTIRE apartment to pack before friday! all i can think is AHhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH!

luckily today the brilliant and fab deb at smitten kitchen posted something that articulates exactly how i feel about the whole mess that is packing and moving. here's a little snippet since i can't seem to articulate anything right now:

My husband and I have different packing personalities. First, I need a clean apartment, you know, before I wreck sections of it at a time. Then I need to go through every single thing we own before any of it gets packed and determine whether it should stay or does it need to go. I cannot stand the thought of moving, well, useless baggage to a new and supposedly clean slate of an apartment. Then each box has to have a separate topic; if desk stuff gets in with book stuff, I get itchy and start pacing the floor. How does Alex pack? Oh, he puts stuff in boxes until everything’s packed. I probably don’t need to tell you who is better at getting the job done.

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