Thursday, March 26, 2009

putting your personal stamp on the wedding...

i'm of the opinion that a wedding does need to reflect the personality and interests of the groom and bride, but that sometimes people get a little carried away with "personal touches" and "details" and that often these "details" are what fuels the wedding industrial complex and makes people spend WAYYYY more money than they should or even want to for one day.

so... stamps.

My family and i talked about having personalized stamps with a piece of my grandmother's artwork printed. she and i were really close and all of my family has missed her since her death a few years ago. stamps of her artwork on the invitations seems like a great way to remember her. We got this idea from a friend who used her fiance's artwork on their wedding invitations... it was wonderful, so we thought we'd try to do the same thing.

here's the way they'd turn out:

the thing is, the cost of this little "detail" is more than double what regular stamps cost. we haven't decided about this yet, but if we don't do it, I'll probably have some made anyway for me and my family... what are your thoughts? is this detail excessive or acceptable?

also, if you want your own stamps go pictureit or photostamps.

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