Tuesday, March 3, 2009

origami peace cranes as a wedding detail...

one of my favorite professors is a youth and peacebuilding activist. at her marriage ceremony, she folded hundreds of origami peace cranes and hung them from the ceiling of the church. I don't know if boone and i want to have anything hanging at our ceremony, but since we're both interested in peacebuilding and conflict transformation and love to work with children and youth i'd REALLY like to incorporate peace cranes into the decorations somehow.

right now i'm thinking of putting them in people's chairs at the ceremony and placing them in the floral arrangements (which may or may not be potted plants.. tbd) and if these ideas don't work, then we could hang them from the trees, i guess.

Probably the idea i like the most is having our guestbook be origami peace cranes made by our guests and then signed and put in a basket. wouldn't that be wonderful to have our own garland made by the people at the reception?!?
then we can include this poem with it to share our desire to work toward peace:

The paper crane
Fold the crane with love
Each crease that you stroke
Think about the world around you
Fold the crane with love
Each fold that you touch
Feel about the world around you
Fold a paper crane with love

By Michiko Pumpian

what i wonder is, would people actually make the cranes?

hmmm.... i'll let you know what we decide.

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