Wednesday, February 18, 2009

what IS this?? #2

apparently today is gadget day.

the thing is, i don't really get people who are obsessed with gadgets and fancy TVs, phones, and game systems. i mean, it's cool to look at other people's flat screens and iphones, but i can def. live without either.

and to be honest, high-tech stuff freaks me out most of the time. But sometimes it totally amazes me and i get obessed with something..

for instance, yesterday on Marketplace I heard about this thing!

now, obviously i couldn't see how small it was on the radio, but apparently it's a projector the size of a deck of playing cards!

and from what Kai Ryssdal (my radio crush) said about the Samsung MPB200 projector, and how they might start putting this kind of technology in CELL PHONES so you can watch videos and see pictures without "huddling around the phone like a hobo around a garbage can" well, i was totally floored. i mean, what would this technology do for school teachers? and football lovers? and business people? whoa....

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