Wednesday, February 4, 2009

so behind...

i'm so sorry that my posts have been lagging this week...
the truth is that boone and I are in the middle of Febru-hairy at school, so I've been doing promotion and planning for that.

what's febru-hairy?
i'm so GLAD you asked!

it's the fundraiser that boone and i started last year for a local Domestic Violence shelter during the month of February. Basically, we're trying to get as many dudes on campus (and off, for that matter) that we can convince and cajole to grow moustaches this month and take donations and tell people about the issue whenever someone asks why they've got a 'stache. all the cash we raise goes to the shelter!

last year we sold tshirts and had moustaches and raised 1,100 with about 15 guys. this year we're going even bigger! I'll keep you posted on how things go.. but in case i fall behind or if you just want to know more, check out my other blog here!

now you know why i've had my obsession with facial hair. (previous posts here, here, and here)

photo from etsy

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Leanne said...

I regularly read your blog and LOVE it but now I love it even more knowing you're at Candler! I'm at Perkins at SMU. :-)