Saturday, January 17, 2009

see rock city...

when i used to drive back and forth from college i'd go through eastern tennessee and loved looking for these barns. turns out other people do too, which is why flickr has a whole group dedicated to the search!

i just think it's the folksiest, simplest, coolest ad campaign* that ever existed...and it may or may not be a secret dream of mine to live on a piece of property that has one of these barns. until then, i'll have to settle for one of the birdhouses. i'd actually forgotten how much i loved them and how i bothered boone about NEEEEDING one (or a mailbox that looked like one) until i saw one at brunch at treehouse this morning. i'm hooked again!

i even put it on my wishpot registry (is that silly?) honestly, i hope people get us things cook with before we get a birdhouse... but just in case, you know? ;)
*learn more about the history of said campaign here.

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