Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Red (face) Alert! Mangoes= allergy

confession...i hate mangoes.

i mean, i love the way they taste, but apparently i have a horrific allergy associated with them. i thought i had one last year and avoided them like the plague, but then Sunday while I was making my fave black bean, sweet potato and mango stew i thought ,"hey, i'm probably not THAT allergic. i bet i can have a little taste."
now, three days later with an itching, stinging, completely red and bumpy face and swollen cracked lips, and i wish i'd never even been introduced to this most delicious, beautiful, tropical fruit.
WHY o WHY am i the most awkward person in the entire world? not only am i supremely clumsy, but i have a stupid food allergy to tropical fruit that gives me hideous face-hives!!! the good news is that i'm not the only quick search for "Mango allergy" and all sorts of strange things pop up. apparently the skin of the fruit it's a lot like poison ivy or poison when you eat mangoes, BEWARE.

photo from flickr

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Jen said...

man, that stew really is dynamite. i think i'd probably risk the hives for just one more taste. but now you know.