Tuesday, January 27, 2009

nothing to wear...

so we're taking our engagement photos this weekend (now that my hives are gone and BEFORE Boone shaves his beard and has a mustache for Febru-hairy. more on this fun project later...)

but i have nothing to wear and basically zero dollars to spend on something new. I wish i had thought of this sooner and had made something (although i'm not exactly an accomplished seamstress) but i guess something will materialize from my closet...

sigh....i wish i had this outfit to wear for the pictures.

it's so pretty. too bad all i've got is an old pair of jeans and a plaid shirt.

i wish boone would wear his outfit that looks like this...

he loves that vest of his... so i might just get my wish. :)

fyi:the first photo was found via modish.

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