Friday, December 5, 2008

sercret's out...

guys, the secret's out! i learned on npr yesterday that everyone else in the world has apparently started shopping at thrift and secondhand stores. (thanks, recession)

i mean, i knew people would discover how cool they are sooner or later... let's just hope they don't pick up all the best books and frocks before i can get there.

my favs in ATL are the goodwill on Buford highway and last chance thrift off of N Decatur Rd. their book selection is ALL laveryle spencer, which i don't get into... but, it's where we got these Royal Tennebaum outfits for halloween and some other awesome ensembles (it was a costume, but i'm def. going to wear the coat FOREVER)

but then, the goodwill in roswell and the nearly new shop over on Howell Mill are fab too (if you're looking for men's clothes, shoes, or fancy dresses.) and everyone knows ALL goodwills will sell you great books for like $1.

then there's this place... they started in 'ta but then expanded to savannah, chapel hill, and other awesome southern cities. the thing is, i'm sort of intimidate to shop there. sometimes i think i'm sort of cool, but it's in little five. and they sell vintage stuff. there's no way i'm cool enough to even set foot in that place.

atlanta thrifty shoppers, am i missing any hot spots? and all of you folks from other cities, where do you go when you want a bargain?

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