Tuesday, December 9, 2008

inspiration from... my mom!

this is my mom. isn't she beautiful?

if i haven't already mentioned this... she's an artist, and craftsperson, and creative genius. in fact, she could probably one-up martha. no joke.

anyway, last weekend Boone and I went home for a blacktie museum fundraiser that my parents chaired. ick. swanky and stuffy, right?


for years the theme has been a pretty typical black-tie affair but MY MOM designed the coolest Pop Art themed gala my hometown has ever seen (and they raised WAY more money than they thought for the museum..even in this horrible economy. hooray!)

anyway, here're just a couple of shots of the table arrangements and other decorations. (sorry the quality is bad... i may or may not have had a gin&tonic or two at this point)

here's the dessert table...

please keep in mind that she and two other women painted/made ALL of this stuff by hand.
by HAND people!

Just so you get an idea of all the work involved, the pop-art chairs were hand-painted, the flowers on the orange/red and black wallhanging were made out of painted paper plates, and there were larger than life Campbell's soup cans and Brillo boxes everywhere!

sure it took weeks and weeks but it was PERFECT!
also, these incredible warhol-inspired pieces hung above every table with images of the people who worked on the gala...

and two who didn't... how kind (and a little bit embarrassing) to have our faces right above the head table.

anyway, not only did i want to share my mom's talent with all of you, but i wanted to give you art- buff brides out there some inspiration for table decorations or even save-the-dates. aren't I a lucky girl to have her as my mom?


Jen said...

Biz, that is AWESOME. Did you know that was happening before you got there? or was it a surprise? Your Mom is so cool.

Biz said...

it was a suprise! isn't she the best?