Monday, December 15, 2008

cheap, cheap, diy giftbags...

i should have been studying harder for my exams, but this weekend we made the packaging for the christmas presents for some of our co-workers and friends. it was so fun, that i wanted to share it.

the BEST part is that you don't need a gocco machine OR block print carving tools for this printing project....

ok, here's the idea: make holiday printed bags from a styrofoam meat tray (a la linoleum block printing)!

first, draw your design on your meat tray using a blunt pencil then scratch out/press in the parts you don't want to print.*

*i made the HUGE mistake of forgetting that the letters have to be carved backwards otherwise they print completely wrong... so, I had to cut out the letters from the meat tray and stick them onto a piece of card stock. It still worked, but it was a little more trouble. just remember, your letters should be backwards, but if you look at them in a mirror, you should be able to read them.

after you've got your print block "carved" slap on some acrylic paint and make your prints. then, when the paint is dry, just take your little gold paint pen and add a some jazzy decorations!

put your delish winter bark (recipe here) in the bags wrapped in some parchment paper and you're done! Christmas for everybody cheaply and stylishly!

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