Monday, November 17, 2008

What does a not wedding look like?

like this...

now, i've never been to a bridal expo...and i'm pretty sure i NEVER want to go to one.

the thing is... Boone and i were excited to go to the notwedding over at opera on sunday because we thought it'd be a NOTbridalexpo.

turns out it was pretty much a bridal expo on a smaller scale but A LOT more edgy and cool. also.. there was dancing and drinking.

had my honey not had a stomach bug all weekend, we probably would have danced a ton more (we love to dance!) but as it was, we watched the ceremony, wandered around, got our photo taken in the photobooth, and i ate a dessert (or two).

all in all, we didn't get any totally new wedding ideas (I mean, we're going to get married outside in the middle of nowhere) BUT it was fun and cool and we were both glad we went. thanks for the opportunity, snippet and ink!

oh, and the "ceremony" band, jacob's reverie was pretty rad...

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