Tuesday, October 7, 2008

school is in session...

well friends, i got engaged last weekend and have been blissfully happy about it nearly every moment I think of my sweetie! it turns out that while i'm supremely ready to be his wifey, i am not supremely ready (or cut out) to plan a wedding. ick.

but then i saw this wonderful poster from the reForm school store via a desert bride and felt all tingly and excited all over again... its the 100% absolute truth about us.

then i saw these little girls and thought of his two precocious nieces and how much fun they'd have with this doll house.

it's made out of recycled cardboard...since the nieces look just like these tots (but smile way more) i may just get them this for a birthday or christmas...

speaking of cardboard children's toys...according to my parents MY favorite christmas present ever was a giant cardboard refrigerator box and markers to color on it. i made it into a fort and didn't come out for three days...
this story may be strange to you, but i think it illustrates perfectly why i may not be cut out to plan a wedding with all the bells and whistles.

either way, stay tuned for more cool, simple, socially-responsible design (and MORE from the Atlanta area soon!)

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