Sunday, October 26, 2008

Generally speaking...

I love a general store.

so this store/deli is right up the street from my little apartment and i LOVE it. I just sort of saunter by and peek in the windows whenever I get a chance... they sell fab sandwiches and fancy bottled drinks, funky furniture, seeds and feed, knickknacks, and cupcakes (which are apparently not as delish as advertised according to the folks at the chocolate and peanut butter gallery).

anyway, i just can't get over how cool and laid back it is in there, but how perfectly selected all the decor and other objects for sale are... somehow it's natural and vintage without feeling overdone or put-on. i guess it could all be leftover from the original owners when it was a neighborhood drugstore.

i think the best part is that it reminds me of my favorite store in the MS delta where I did teach for america.... Miss Del's General store. the motto was "feed, seed, and stuff you need," so obviously it smelled like fertilizer and wet dirt (two scents I really like) and sold hilarious cards, beautiful jewelry, books by southern authors and antiques. anyway, it's nice to have a reminder of a place i loved so much just down the street in ATL.

if you visit the VA highlands neighborhood of ATL, or Clarksdale, MS check these places out.

great photos of Belly from the chocolate peanut butter gallery.

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