Sunday, September 7, 2008

i've got dibs...

has everyone else in the world been using the antique furniture website 1stdibs forever and i'm just discovering it? i mean, if they're slogan "do the planet a favor: buy antique and vintage design" isn't enough to sucker you in, then just look at the fantastic, cool, probably way out of my budget things you can find?
i found these incredible french armchairs using great color palettes and can't get over them. can't you see them sitting in a corner next to a sofa, begging someone to sit down and talk about decarte or someone else very important and french? i can.

find them here:pair of white and natural armchairs , pair of rust armchairs, white and grey armchair

on top of these incredible finds, i discovered these dining room chairs... maybe i'm crazy, but i love lacquered wood in bright colors.
find them here.

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