Sunday, September 7, 2008

anglers of men?

i discovered the beautiful angle website completely by accident a year or so ago and only just remembered how much i loved it. as far as i can tell, beautiful angle is a coop of print-artists who spread thought provoking messages around tacoma, wa. sometimes their posters promote local events or just celebrate the city of tacoma, but often they prick the conscience with phrases about faith and community. not only do the posters have meaning but they are BEAUTIFUL in a very raw, natural way. each word, song, or poem has been carefully chosen and the linocuts that go with it are almost magical in their imperfection/perfection.

in short, they give me a whole lot of joy. apparently many of the ones posted around tacoma end up in cubicles and on bedroom walls... but for those of us not fortunate to live in wa, they offer prints for sale and give you fairly reasonable prices on this website.

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